The Sure Thing (1985)

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College freshman Walter (Gib) Gibson decides to go cross country to visit his friend in California during winter break. Awaiting there is a bikini-clad babe whom his friend assures him is a "sure thing". Meanwhile, Allison, a cute (but somewhat retentive) girl at Gib's college has also decided to head out to Cal. to see her boyfriend during break. Gib and Allison are thrust together on a road trip from hell, and somewhere along the way, they find each others company to be tolerable. Now, what will become of Gib's "sure thing?"

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Director & Cast
  • Rob Reiner
    Rob Reiner

    as Director

  • Nicollette Sheridan
    Nicollette Sheridan

    as The Sure Thing

  • John Cusack
    John Cusack

    as Walter 'Gib' Gibson

  • Tim Robbins
    Tim Robbins

    as Gary Cooper

  • Daphne Zuniga
    Daphne Zuniga

    as Alison Bradbury