The Coldest Game (2019)

Poster of The Coldest Game (2019)
Imdb Year Runtime Language Genres
IMDB Icon 2019 102 min. English Thriller

Playing a major chess match in Warsaw against the Russian champion, brilliant but forgotten former US champion, and alcoholic, Josh Mansky is sucked into the world of espionage and conflict between the world's superpowers. As the military crisis escalates the chess match takes on unimaginable importance. The Americans are in danger of losing both games - the chess game and the one for world domination.

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Director & Cast
  • Lukasz Kosmicki
    Lukasz Kosmicki

    as Director

  • Bill Pullman
    Bill Pullman

    as Joshua Mansky

  • Lotte Verbeek
    Lotte Verbeek

    as Agent Stone

  • Corey Johnson
    Corey Johnson

    as Donald Novak

  • Nicholas Farrell
    Nicholas Farrell

    as G. Moran