Secret Life of the Kangaroo Series 1 1of3 Mob Rules 1080p HDTV


Secret Life of the Kangaroo: Series 1
With their distinctive appearance, trademark bounce, and babies in pouches, kangaroos are Australia's most iconic marsupial. But kangaroo life isn't without its challenges: Predators like the dingo or goanna are always looking for dinner, and evading them is life's number one priority. Take a closer look at the up-and-down life of an Australian icon.

Part 1: Mob Rules
Hop along with a mob of kangaroos as they search for food while keeping a vigilant eye out for predators.

Part 2: From Pouch to Foot
Kangaroos can have up to three young in different stages at once--which makes child rearing a constant preoccupation.

Part 3: A Bucks Life
Witness the hard knock life of male kangaroos as they engage in constant fights to determine social rank.

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