Regular Show: The Movie (2015)

Poster of Regular Show: The Movie (2015)
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After a future, dying Rigby comes to warn the gang about the future, they must time travel back in time to when Mordecai and Rigby were in high school to stop a evil, crazy volleyball coach from destroying time. Will it work? Can Rigby tell the truth even if it will cost him and Mordecai their friendship?

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Director & Cast
  • J.G. Quintel
    J.G. Quintel

    as Director

  • Mark Hamill
    Mark Hamill

    as Skips

  • David Koechner
    David Koechner

    as Principal Dean

  • Jason Mantzoukas
    Jason Mantzoukas

    as Mr. Ross

  • Kurtwood Smith
    Kurtwood Smith

    as Gene